CatSpa Forms & Contract

The CatSpa is ultimately committed to the total welfare and comfort of its welcomed guests. In order to provide our highest level of care and comfort, we must obtain the following information in order to provide the very best of care and make your pet's stay a rewarding and pleasurable experience. Your pet's health and vaccination records are required at the time of your pet's visit. We also require that your pet use a flea prevention, (i.e., Advantage, Bio-Spot, Frontline, etc.). This is required for your pet's well-being and protection.


You may download our information forms and contract with the following links. These are provided here so that you can print and fill-out these forms in advance to your pet's stay. Be sure to bring these completed forms, as well as, your pet's health and vaccination records which are indicated on the information form. Thank you!

Your help in completing these forms in advance will facilitate our ability to make your pet's stay as easy and comfortable as possible. We thank you for your cooperation.