Moonshine on the Cat Tree

Photo Tour of our Facility

Catspa entry

When you enter the CatSpa, you will see our 20 spacious suites, each with a window seat to view the "Great Outdoors" so your cat can enjoy watching the birds and squirrels outside! Each suite is climate controlled and each cat has their own food, water and litter box for their comfort, welfare and privacy. Your cat is given the very best of personal attention and we have an on-site attendant at all times. Cats are allowed to play on our giant "Cat Tree" in our central room, and your pet will never feel "confined" or "ignored" while visiting with us. Your pet will feel loved and quite "at home" at all times. We also give special attention to cats who require geriatric care, cats on medication, and to those who require specific dietary needs. Your cat will always be pampered by our experienced and competent staff during a stay at the CatSpa.


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